Do You Want Me, Death?

Artist: Moa Holmsten

Release Date: 12.01.09

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1. I walked into the hotel room and the TV was on...
2. Cannibal
3. Crash, Burn & Die
4. DanceSingDreamSmellTasteFuck
5. Like A Soldier
6. Bulldozer
7. The M In S&M
8. Lynch
9. Crazy
10. Hunt You Down
11. Moneyman
12. Appendix
13. The End

Album Description

Riddled with saxophone squeals and squonks, and propelled by pounded-out chords-the Stockholm-based band avoids guitar solos altogether-Do You Want Me, Death? properly announces Moa, both the band and singer, to the world at large.

Recorded live and mixed over seven days at Gröndals Studio in Stockholm-birthplace of recordings by the Hives and Timbaland, among others-Do You Want Me, Death? was produced by Moa and her bandmates, and it features contributions from electric guitarist Conny Nimmersjö, considered by many to be the Thurston Moore of Sweden.

The disc realizes Moa's dream of steering her own ship, of writing her own songs, without compromise. "If someone was to discover my music 50 years from now, I would want them to say that I was a good songwriter, because that’s the reason I started this band—the craft. The singing comes kind of naturally—the voice is just another way of expressing the song-but I think of myself as a songwriter first, and a singer second. It sounds so pretentious, like I feel like I deserve the Nobel Prize for literature or something. I know they're just songs, but they mean the world to me."