All Blade, No Handle EP

Artist: Moa Holmsten

Release Date: 09.29.09

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1. Bulldozer (Donkeybox Session)
2. DanceSingDreamSmellTasteF**k (Donkeybox Session)
3. The M in S&M (Solo Piano)
4. DSDSTF (Radio Edit)

Album Description

Appropriately, the band's signature song thus far is a sonic assault dubbed "Bulldozer," fitting because that's exactly what MOA does live-bulldoze the audience, bowling over fans with a sound akin to a bullet train promising to leap off the rails.

"Someone once described our music as a f**kin' colon cleanse, and I thought that was perfect," laughs Moa. "I hate music that is too polished, too contrived. 'Bulldozer,' I think, grabs the whole MOA vibe, it's raw, it's short-two and a half minutes-good lyrics and kind of punky, and I think it's a very good expression of me and my take on things. You know, I never stop to think, 'Hey, I made a mistake there. Maybe I should learn something from that, stop and reflect.' I keep making the same mistakes over and over again, whether it's every day life, or love."