Magic Windows, Magic Nights

Artist: The Library is on Fire

Release Date: 03.02.10

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1. The Stone Statue II
2. Magic Bumrush Heartz
3. Gilding the Lily
4. Cinematic Idea
5. I Miss You So Much, It Hurts So Bad
6. We are the Electric Newspaper Ripoffs
7. Visionary Embolist
8. Smoke & Mirrors
9. The Stone Statue I
10. Monkey in My Chair
11. Vanessa's Theatre of Peace
12. My Kind of Man
13. Pointing Fingers
14. Postmodern Falconry
15. Supernatural Disasters

Album Description

The January recording sessions with Guided by Voices producer, Todd Tobias, lasting less than two weeks in the freezing Northeast Ohio cold, showed the band's ability to work at a breakneck pace with pinpoint accuracy and culminated in the fifteen-song monolith LP/CD entitled Magic Windows, Magic Nights. Blending lo-fi cassette performances, urban NYC field recordings and tape samples with baroque orchestration and Tobias' high-fi analog indie production, Magic Windows, Magic Nights clamors with the noise of a band firing on all pistons - Five's melodic songwriting often veers from languid to raging, and eclipses the band's 2008 Cassette debut, with tightened Mascis-style guitar melodies and Brian Wilson-style pop concision, while the gunfire drumming of Sustarsic and polytoned sub-frequencies of Shue coalesce into a heavy slamming machine. Magic Windows, Magic Nights showcases a band who know the meaning of impermanence and transition, and know how to bridge the gap between oblivion and survival.